Coming soon: Ways We #CelebrateCultures

Before kids, I thought “celebrating our heritage” would just mean observing Chinese New Year (him) and Sinterklaas Day (me). But now after having kids, I’ve realized that it’s not enough to celebrate a holiday once a year and expect my children to identify with that part of their heritage. And more importantly, it’s a GIFT that we have to learn and explore other cultures! Why not open that gift every day?!

So next week I’ll be starting a new series on Ways We #CelebrateCultures in our family. I will share how our family tries to be intentional about celebrating both our family’s cultural heritages as well as other cultures in our home. These are not earth shattering ideas and the categories are all pretty obvious. But hopefully these posts can be helpful as an encouragement of all the ways you can integrate and celebrate cultures.

Below is an outline of the upcoming posts which I will link to once they are up. Hopefully posting this intro motivates/pushes me to actually write these out! As always, I would love to hear about your family and how you integrate your heritage into your daily life!  

Ways We #CelebrateCultures…

  1. … Around the House
  2. … During Meals
  3. … With Language
  4. … During Holidays
  5. … Learning about history and inventions
  6. … During Weddings
  7. … Through Travel


2 thoughts on “Coming soon: Ways We #CelebrateCultures

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