Raising Multicultural Kids Blog Series: #1 Presumptuous Blog Title (aka Introduction)


The title of this blog might be a little bit presumptuous.

‘Multicultural Mama’ — what do I know of raising multicultural kids? I am nearer to the beginning of this parenting journey than the end. I am a white mama living in the US. I grew up all over (Egypt, Germany, the Netherlands, Kansas, and South Carolina) and never thought I would settle down — much less live in America! But here I am, living outside DC in an unincorporated suburb for the foreseeable future. After an incredible year reconnecting with my husband’s family and culture in Taiwan, we now find ourselves very content here in the States.

During the past year since our return from Asia, I have felt a strong stirring to be more (buzzword alert) intentional. I want to be more intentional at celebrating the gift of being a multicultural family. More intentional at celebrating the cultures of my daughter’s friends and our neighbors. I want my daughter and son to have the curiosity and zeal for people and cultures that I was given by my parents. And most of all, I want my children to know and celebrate their own individual, precious story.

So I guess a more accurate title for the blog would be “Mom who wants her children to celebrate their own multicultural identity while simultaneously inspiring curiosity and love for other cultures.” But that doesn’t fit in an insta account. So even though I felt halfway embarrassed registering for the domain name, I remind myself of the old cliches. Parenthood is a journey and I am in the process of learning alongside other families who have tread this path. I have only been actively posting online since the new year (after years of stalking other blogs!) and have already learned so much from other moms around the world! I am so grateful to continue to learn and share with you.

Programming note: I’ll start blogging in earnest later this week. My goal is to include my family’s perspectives alongside practical tips on how to celebrate cultures in the home. If you have any ideas or advice for me, please leave a comment or message me on Instagram @multiculturalmama.